Desk Officers

President: Frank Nolan

Vice President: Bob Matteucci

Treasurer: Paul DiFilippo

Financial Secretary: Rod Meyer

Recording Secretary: Brian McDowell


John Kill – Bob Matteucci – Paul DiFilippo – Tom Fullerton – Bill Auty

Line Officers

Battalion Chief: Matt McCrory

Captain: Rod Meyer

Lieutenant 250: Frank Nolan

Active Firefighters

Rod Meyer Firefighter Bob Matteucci* Firefighter Brian McDowell Firefighter
Frank Nolan Firefighter George Karolyi Firefighter Dillon Mole – Firefighter
Herbie Porter – Firefighter Chuck Rantz – Firefighter Charles Klink – Firefighter
Chris Gonzalez – Firefighter Rich Redmer – Firefighter Bob Hancock – Firefighter
Tom Drumm Fire Police Bill Green Fire Police Jim McGinty Fire Police
Diane Kenny – Fire Police John Augustino – Fire Police Bill Farr – Fire Police
Brian Onuskanych – Fire Police

* – Denotes Active Life Member

Anglesea Fire Company logo
We would like to acknowledge all of our Life Members and past Active Members who dedicated themselves to the Anglesea Volunteer Fire Company No. 1. Those members paved the way to what our company has become today, and we strive to follow and go beyond their footsteps.

We would also like to acknowledge all of our past and present Associate Members. These are non-active members that have the same organizational requirements and privileges as active members. These members also contribute to the company’s many sponsored events and fundraisers throughout the year.