Anglesea Volunteer Fire Company No. 1For those of us that live at the shore when we think about preparedness we think about preparing for flooding from a coastal storm. However, we at the Anglesea Volunteer Fire Company No.1 think that preparedness is something that has a place in each and everything we do. As firefighters well feel that fire preparedness, which is better known as Fire Safety, is something that is very important. To help further fire safety we could search the internet and then simply copy the information and place it on a series of webpages However, we think we serve you better by creating a list the different topics and link them to webpages that we feel will provide you with the latest information on the topic.

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North Wildwood’s Emergency Preparedness website

Home Fire Safety

Fire Prevention, Preparedness & Recovery

Home Emergency & Disaster Safety

What to do in a Fire – Kidshealth

Home Fire Safety Guides and Educational Resources

Games and much more . . .

The following Fire Safety Resources you can print out or view listed by Topic
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Candle Safety

Carbon Monoxide

Closed the door Campaign

CO and Smoke Alarms

Cooking Safety Tips

Escape Planning

Fire Facts

• Household Equipment

• Kids Fire Safety

• Living Spaces Tips

• Pet Fire Safety

• Seasonal Fire Safety

• Seniors

• Transportation